Emi villa is surrounded by greenery in a earthly paradise where you can spend hours and hours of relaxation without be tired, but Villa Emi is near from the most beautiful tourist destinations of Campania, in Italy and in the world.

Sorrento is an idyllic town set on topa cliff overlooking the bay of Naples. A breathtaking view, shopping and good food is what awaits you in this beautiful city

Pompeii and Herculaneum, both these the two incredible archaeological sites were destroyed on August24 in the year 79 AD, in a terrible eruption of Mount Vesuvius. While Pompeii was buried under ashes and cinders, Herculaneum was destroyed by a enormus quantity of mud witch preserved its houses practically intact.

Capri, the sirens's island of Ulysses, the striking island of the many caves and spectacular coastline.
In the beautiful island of Capri, you can make an unforgettable tour on the wonderfull places of this magical island:

Paestum, 100 km from Villa Emi, you can make a eschursione in an unforgettable place, you can immerse yourself in history by visiting one of the cities of Magna Grecia, in a town rich in history and legend.
A Paestum you can visit the beautiful temples and ancient architectural structures: